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Cannabidiol or CBD is one of several cannabinoids derived from a cannabis plant. It can be used in various ways to help maintain a healthy and well-functioning body. To understand how CBD can affect the body, it’s necessary to take a closer look at the endocannabinoid system.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) was a recent discovery. The full extent of this system hasn’t been completely identified. Still, it is crucial to the body as it helps regulate several important functions in the body and help to maintain homeostasis.

The ECS has two primary receptors responsible for endocannabinoid neurotransmission in the body, which are CBD1 and CBD2. CB1 is plentiful in the central nervous system, while CB2 is responsible for the peripheral nervous system.

CBD and another active cannabinoid in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), have the same chemical structure as endocannabinoids that allows them to stimulate endocannabinoid receptors. But while CBD does not have a psychoactive effect, THC is the propagator of the “high” effect people feel when consuming cannabis.

Since CBD allows people to enjoy a natural and holistic way of supporting overall health and wellness without the psychoactive effects of THC, it has gained popularity for people seeking to better their health.

The best part is that the continually expanding industry has allowed the production of different types of CBD, allowing users to enjoy it in different ways. Here are several different methods and types of CBD to help you choose the best one for you.



CBD Edibles are starting to become a trend in the wealth and health arena with numerous benefits and a flavorful way of consuming CBD. Cannabidiol edibles deliver the balancing cannabinoid to your body through the digestive system.

An extract of CBD added into a wide variety of food products can create CBD edibles. CBD infused edibles are common in candies or baked goods, but they can be bought in different forms, such as pre-packaged gummies, chocolate, lollipops, cookies, brownies, and much more. It’s also possible to incorporate CBD into your favorite salad dressings, smoothies, or sauces.

Gums and mints specifically are a favorite as they act fast due to the mucosal membranes in your mouth. They also allow a faster absorption compared to digestion alone.

If you’re not big on snacks, there are also a variety of beverages available such as CBD-infused coffees and teas. CBD is also available in syrup form that can be added to other drinks, shots, protein powder, or even water.



Capsules are an excellent option for those who are not comfortable with a precise dosing method. The concentration of CBD has already been pre-measured, so it removes the need to measure the correct dosage as you would with a tincture or cream. It will also be an excellent option to explore for those who are not fond of the taste of any edibles or oils.

Capsules are the easiest to consume. Just pop one pill daily with water or some other beverage. You can carry them around and take them with other daily supplements or to make it easier to remember to intake them.


Vape Oil 

Another way that people get CBD into their system is through vaping. CBD vape oil is designed to be vaporized and inhaled using an e-cigarette, vape pen, vaporizer, or any device that can heat oils to their boiling point. This method of consumption will deliver CBD directly to the lungs before moving to the bloodstream.

Vaping is supposed to offer a clean and pure CBD vapors into your system by direct absorption through the lungs and diffuse directly to the bloodstream instead of passing through your gut and liver. You can find CBD vape oil in different strengths and flavors, but you can also purchase unflavored ones when needed.

One thing to remember is that the dosage for vape tends to be much lower. Before buying a CBD vape oil, people who need a higher dose of CBD needs to consider its strength to ensure that it meets their needs.



Another method of using CBD is by applying it directly to the skin. Topical CBD is designed to help with general skin health by moisturizing and protecting your skin.

These products appear in a wide range of products, including creams, lotions, roll-ons, ointments, lip balms, and massage oils. Instead of going into the bloodstream, this type of CBD interacts with the skin and the CB2 receptors of your endocannabinoid system.



Tinctures or CBD oils were the original delivery method for this supplement and are still the most used CBD product in the market to date. Tincture oils are CBD extracted from a cannabis plant added to a carrier oil and packaged in small glass bottles with a dropper.

These products are typically administered by dropping a couple of drops underneath the tongue. CBD administered through tincture is known to be most effective when the liquid is not swallowed right away but ingested sublingually instead. This means placing the drops under the tongue and along the cheeks to ingest it slowly.

The mucous membranes found under the tongue will carry the molecules in the oil into the bloodstream. This method makes the oils quicker acting, only having a slightly shorter duration than capsules.

However, some people may have an aversion to natural flavors or sweeteners. For a more enjoyable experience, they would often infuse their liquid form with food and drinks such as smoothies, yogurt, ice cream, oatmeal, and more.



CBD concentrates are high potency extracts from a cannabis plant that contains a high percentage of pure cannabidiol. It includes the strongest dosage of CBD among most CBD products, with CBD content around 45% and above of pure CBD. Concentrates are also more convenient to use as it only takes a few minutes to consume.

As such, this product is extremely popular with individuals who seek a high dose of CBD or want to feel the effects quickly.

These products can be consumed differently, but the most common way is the sublingual method. Like tinctures, it needs to be placed underneath the tongue and along the cheeks for direct absorption by the mucous membrane. Another delivery method is swallowing the CBD concentrate. This will ensure that it reaches the bloodstream through the digestive tract.

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