New to CBD Oil and Looking for a place to start?

People use CBD oil for a variety of reasons, yet everyone shares one thing in common – where to begin?

Cannabinoids like CBD affects each of us differently. Therefore, If you’ve not tried CBD before, we would recommend both a lower-strength CBD product and start with the minimum CBD dose suggested.

Our 300mg Dutch CBD Oil, 250mg Gold CBD Oil or Dutch CBD Capsules are all great entry-level options to start your CBD journey.

Why not try a little of everything?

We have a great starter package for anyone new to CBD. In this bundle you will get a pack of 30 Dutch CBD Capsules, a 10 gram CBD Balm pot and a pack of our delicious Hemp Tea all for a discounted bundle price of £24.99, saving £5 over buying individually.

New to CBD FAQs

What is Love CBD’s beginners to CBD range?

The first decision when considering buying CBD for the first time is whether to go with capsules, oils gummies etc.   

CBD Oils are the most common type of CBD product in the UK. CBD oils generally use droppers and the oil is absorbed through the mouth. When using CBD oil to maximise the absorption it is recommended to hold the oil in your mouth for at least a few seconds before swallowing.    

CBD Capsules are easier to dose than CBD oils, less fiddly, and for anyone that does not like the taste of CBD, can be a good option. Love CBD capsules are all vegan-friendly, easy to swallow, and contain extra virgin organic coconut oil as means of improving the product’s bio-availability.  

Love CBD doesn’t sell CBD gummies. We don’t like them for a few reasons. 

  1. We sell healthy food products, not sweets. 
  1. CBD Gummies can contain a lot of additional processed ingredients. Love CBD products aim to be as simple and with as few all-natural ingredients as possible. 
  1. Unlike our CBD capsules, where we can add our own unique broad-spectrum cannabis extract and other beneficial ingredients, gummy taste, and texture are often the primary focus which inevitably impacts the efficacy of the product.   

 Specifically, within the Love CBD range, our Dutch products are a good starting point whether you decide to buy CBD oil or capsules. When using CBD for the first time, the most important aspect is not to buy a high-strength CBD oil. Always start with a low-strength product and begin with the lowest suggested dosage. With capsules, this is easy and simple, take one per day, to begin with, and gradually increase till you find a dose that works. 

Which one works the quickest?

The type of CBD product with the fastest rate of absorption is CBD vapes. CBD vapes are inhaled into the lungs and get CBD into the bloodstream far quicker than sublingual CBD oils or other ingestible products like CBD gummies/ CBD capsules. Though we have concerns about CBD vapes, we continue to sell them for this reason. The Love CBD E-Liquid vapes contain 500mg of CBD and also 100mg of CBG

What’s the difference between Broad Spectrum and Isolate?

Broad-spectrum CBD extracts are complex and unique in their cannabinoid and plant compound profiles.  Isolate is a much cheaper commodity with very few if any minor cannabinoids and other beneficial cannabis compounds.

And what type is in Love CBD products?

All of Love CBD’s capsules and CBD Oils are made using a broad-spectrum cannabis extract. The reason is simple, broad spectrum cannabis extracts are more effective and have broader health benefits. To understand why, it is important to understand the principles behind the Entourage Effect. The basis of the Entourage effect is that the combining of cannabis compounds naturally present within the plant produces a magnification of the processes due to the interaction between the different compounds, these include cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

How much CBD do I start with?

Each of our products has different dosage instructions and we recommend that you follow the information on the pack.

However, regardless of which strength of CBD product you choose, we recommend starting on just 1 spray of CBD oil or 1 CBD capsule for the first 3 days and then increasing gradually (up to a maximum of 70mg CBD per day) until the desired effects are felt. Please bear in mind that this can take several weeks, as the level of cannabinoids slowly builds up in your body.

Interested in learning more? Read our CBD Dosage Guide over on our Blog.

Also, if you would like to understand a bit more about CBD why not follow the link to read our helpful blog article called What is CBD.


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