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Common Mistakes CBD Oil Buyers Make (Infographic)

CBD oil UK common mistake

Mistakes CBD oil buyers make

CBD oils have become incredibly popular over recent years. Thanks to the internet, people can easily access a wide range of CBD oil products and get them delivered to their door with just a click of the mouse. However, the CBD market has become so oversaturated that making a purchase can become a nightmare if not done correctly. 

As the number of CBD retailers increases, a few dishonest companies will attempt to cash in this booming industry. A first time user can end up with poor quality CBD oil if they’re careless. If you’re thinking of buying CBD, there are a few common mistakes CBD oil buyers make that you will want to avoid.

Setting unrealistic expectations

CBD has been gaining traction for promoting general health and well-being and has also been suggested to help with more serious medical conditions. Unfortunately, CBD is not a miracle worker, nor is it a magic potion. Instead, CBD can be useful in supporting your treatment and bolster your system from different angles.

CBD oil works by stimulating the endocannabinoid system and helping to promote homeostasis in the body. The endocannabinoid system maintains the body’s internal environment by keeping changes under control and adapting to external stressors. 

You should also not expect that the benefits of CBD oil will appear immediately. In some cases, it may take several weeks or even months for the CBD oil to regulate the chemical imbalance in our bodies. Any new users of CBD oil must be aware of what their expectations should be.

Not Doing Your Research Beforehand

Unrealistic expectations come from a lack of knowledge regarding the topic at hand. Some CBD vendors trying to cash in will take advantage of a customer with zero knowledge about CBD and other cannabinoids.

They might make empty promises or overcompensate. While CBD is capable of doing many things, there are certain limits to its potential. It’s the CBD users’ responsibility to take the time to do some research and gather insight before purchasing for the first time.

A simple Google search can help you understand what CBD is and what it can or can’t do before you begin to shop. By reading reviews from people who have used their products, it can help gauge the quality of their CBD. 

However, your research should not stop there. You should also learn various information about CBD, such as the different forms of methods of consumption. It can help you determine the products that can get you the best results. Research can also help you narrow down your choice of CBD distributors. This is the time to visit their website to confirm whether they are operating legally.

Not Checking the Hemp’s Country of Origin

One of the common mistakes CBD oil buyers make, is not paying attention to the origins of the hemp that their CBD was made from. Using a poorly sourced hemp to produce your CBD oil could make you feel worse than you did before taking it due to some toxic ingredients it contains.

The soil can all affect the quality of the hemp your CBD comes from. Since hemp is considered as a hyperaccumulator, it can absorb everything from the soil that it grows in. It accumulates these compounds in its tissues. 

Unfortunately, this brings a whole load of problems for those who want to consume CBD. Certain countries have hemp farmers who may cultivate their plants in soils containing toxic compounds and heavy metal contaminants. They also use hazardous pesticides in an attempt to protect the plants from pests.

These practices can be dangerous, especially to those with any chronic illness, neurological condition, or autoimmune disorder. People with a weaker immune system are hypersensitive to heavy metal poisoning. 

Meanwhile, exposure to products with pesticides can cause a wide range of human health hazards, from short-term effects like nausea and dizziness to damaging the thyroid, liver, the nervous and immune system.

 Hemp can be sourced from various places, but the best ones are usually in North America or Europe. It’s best to stay away from hemp grown from China or other areas in Asia. Countries in these areas are notorious for using pesticides and having soils contaminated with things like lead and arsenic.

Check the product description of the CBD oil to find the hemp’s country of origin. If it’s not listed there, check its website for details or contact the company through their customer service. 

Prioritising Affordability Above All

Some CBD companies cut corners during the extraction and production process to offer lower prices and stand out. Many people try to save money when buying things, so lower prices are bound to attract customers. However, price shouldn’t be the priority when it comes to choosing CBD oils and is one of the most common mistakes CBD oil buyers make.

Cheap versions of CBD oils won’t give you the benefits you are hoping for and likely contain a lower concentration of CBD than you prefer. It costs too much money to produce a safe and pure CBD oil for companies to offer the cheapest CBD oil on a broad scale.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the price always reflects the quality of the product. It just means that the price alone shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing a product. 

Not Checking Third-Party Lab Test Results

CBD regulations in the UK aren’t strictly enforced, which allows many manufacturers to label their items however they want. As a result, consumers have a difficult time making a smart purchase or receiving reliable information. 

Third-party lab tests exist to prevent scams, false advertising, and outright lies by verifying the contents of the CBD oil products. As the name suggests, third-party lab testing is conducted by independent laboratories to have an unbiased and neutral source that will assess an organization’s cannabis products. 

Third-party lab tests search for details such as the levels of CBD in the extract, the ratio between different cannabinoids, and terpene content. On top of that, over 200 common chemicals that can negatively affect the quality of the CBD oil can be detected through independent testing. 

The most reputable vendors will either have lab reports on their websites or send them at the user’s request. If they do not start looking for CBD products elsewhere because a company that refuses to prove their claims should raise a red flag. Companies that produce quality products will not be afraid to have an outside source verify their CBD oil contents.

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