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The CBD Balmy Days of Summer

Are you CBD Balmy?

Ahh! Summer time. Lazy days, holidays, and getting out into the sumptuous, sparkly sunshine. (We wish!)

It’s also a time to think about our skin…. after being wrapped up all winter, suddenly exposed to rays of sunlight and fresh air – how can we make sure we keep it in good condition?

Well here at Love CBD we have the perfect partner for your skin:

cbd balm - lovecbd pot of gold

Our lovely Love CBD Balm.

It’s made from hand harvested Cannabis, taken from Cannabis grown indoors in an environment that results in no contaminants in our CBD balm.

It’s for topical use only, but you can massage it into any external part that needs a little bit of TLC… without the THC!

It’s a multi purpose CBD rich skin balm, suitable for all ages, which we like to think of as a ‘Little Pot of Gold’ – and, based on what our customers have told us, it seems to possess near limitless uses. As a witty man once said, “It’ll do everything but pay your taxes”.

Love CBD Balm comes in three sizes, 10 Gram, 30 Gram and 100 Gram pots. We find though, that a little goes a long way, so a 30 gram pot should see you through our Summer!

So before you pull on that swimsuit or pair of shorts, think about using a Love CBD balm to give your skin a helping hand this CBD balmy Summer. Or maybe to give your hand a helping hand. Ahem.

We hope you enjoyed our CBD balmy blog.