Thank you...

Thank you for ordering a Love CBD Sample Pack. We want you to have the best possible experience with the samples you have received. 

Everybody is different, and some people realise the benefits of CBD sooner than others. Therefore this sample pack may not contain enough CBD oil or capsules to showcase their full potential, although we hope that it will be enough to give you a taster.

Below you will find the information relating to each of the products in the Sample Pack.


Entourage Capsules

There are only four ingredients in the Entourage Capsules:
Cannabis Extract, Organic Coconut Oil, Arabic Gum, Terpenes

Containing a full spectrum cannabis extract, high naturally occurring terpene concentration and to boost the terpene content even further, an additional and unique to Love CBD terpene formulation.

Each capsule contains 10mg of CBD, they are vegan friendly and easy to swallow.

We would recommend the following dosage:
Day 1: one capsule
Day 2: two capsules
Day 3: three capsules


Dutch Oil

There are only three ingredients in our Dutch CBD Oil: Broad Spectrum Cannabis Extract, Olive Oil, Terpenes

The Dutch CBD oil sprays are ideal for new CBD users, or individuals looking for a low to medium dose product.

Always start on a low dose and gradually build up. We would suggest a single spray on day 1.

Contains 62.5mg of CBD per 2.5ml, and 2.9mg of CBD per spray.

Maximum recommended dosage of the CBD oil is three sprays, three times per day (max 9 sprays).

This sample should last a new CBD user about a week.


CBD Balm

Contains only natural ingredients including our broad-spectrum cannabis extract, organic hemp seed oil and shea butter.

With a near endless list of uses, including as a CBD massage oil, CBD muscle balm or CBD lip balm.

Our Balm works well on achy muscles and joints, and can help to soothe sore or tired skin.

Gentle on all skin types and containing natural, environmentally friendly, high quality ingredients. 


Hemp Tea

Each tea bag contains a cannabis-rich herbal infusion with added peppermint, ginger and relaxing chamomile.

Both delicious, nutritious and free from caffeine.

Hemp Tea makes for a relaxing bedtime drink or caffeine free alternative.

Made with certified organic hemp and all natural ingredients.

CBD Oil Dosage Information