Red Flags to Look Out for When Buying CBD Oil


The demand for CBD oils and other products has exploded, and it can be tempting for plenty of companies to exploit this for a quick buck. As a result, the quality of CBD products can suffer. 

A high-grade CBD oil is vital to support your well-being successfully. A customer needs to educate themselves about CBD before making a buying decision to avoid the mistake of buying inferior products. 

There are subtle clues that can help expose a CBD company that is more concerned with making a profit than selling quality products. Here is a list of red flags to keep an eye out when buying CBD oil.

Lack of Quality Ingredients 

First and foremost, you need to find out where the CBD company is sourcing organic hemp. A huge red flag is when the hemp in your CBD is acquired from China or other areas in Asia. These places are notorious for having soils contaminated with toxic compounds. The use of pesticides for their crops is also a common practice. 

Most of the cannabinoids from CBD oil and other CBD-infused products come from a Cannabis plant classification known as hemp. Hemp is an excellent bioaccumulator, meaning it will absorb everything contained in the soil. Unfortunately, this includes toxins lurking in the ground. 

Users that ingest CBD made from this hemp will also be ingesting all those toxins, and end up suffering from potential health hazards. 

Hemp is an even more powerful plant when combined with other natural ingredients. You also need to check if these ingredients are also free of pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents, as well as not putting in unnecessary additives or preservatives. 

Outlandish claims

This is a warning sign that is simple to look out for. It’s common for manufacturers to mislabel their bottles with outrageous claims that make CBD resemble a miracle potion. While CBD has positive effects on your well-being, it’s best to be wary of every report that claims it’s beneficial for a specific disorder. 

Currently, there aren’t even any definitive or conclusive research that scientifically backs up these health claims. No CBD seller should make such promises as it’s not only unethical, it’s also illegal. 

In the UK, CBD products are subjected to many regulations and haven’t been granted a licence to be sold as medicine. As a result, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) forbids companies from selling CBD products with claims to treat, alleviate, or cure any medical conditions or symptoms. 

Low Price Tags

Anyone can easily find cheap CBD on the internet. You might find an oil that claims to have very high mg content with a surprisingly low price point. If you’re on a budget, a low priced CBD oil might seem ideal. However, don’t be tempted to buy those kinds of CBD oil. A majority of CBD oils with low prices are less potent and unsafe.

High-quality CBD oils are often expensive as certain factors and processes add to its cost, including:

  • Source of Hemp
  • Organic and sustainable practices used in farming
  • The Manufacturing Process (including extraction and refinement)
  • The Extent of Lab Testing Conducted on the Products
  • The Number of Scientific Personnel on Staff
  • Packaging, Labeling and Other marketing considerations

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go for overpriced CBD oils. Instead, look for average-prices with excellent quality. You can research the typical prices for the CBD products you’re buying and look for brands that sold it in that price range.

No Third-Party Lab Results Available

A company selling high-quality CBD products will not be ashamed to share how well-formulated they are. This means that the testing results of their CBD oil would be readily available on their websites. Some would even send their lab results at their customers’ request.

Third-party test results add another layer of credibility compared to tests conducted by themselves. The entire purpose of third-party lab testing is to convey unbiased and factual analysis of CBD products. Due to the independent nature of these laboratories, it is easier to trust them since they have nothing to gain from tampering with the results. 

It’s enough to raise suspicion about the brand’s reliability if the company refuses to show you legitimate third-party lab results. 

Bad Reviews

As with any product, the best way to find the best CBD oil is through checking the reviews. Independent review sites often have plenty of testimonials from different customers, whether it presents the product in a good or bad light.

Since these reviews get written by people with first-hand experience of using these products, reading them would paint you an accurate picture of the quality of their CBD oil. Some would even provide you with insight into their services. 

Just remember to read these reviews with a grain of salt. Some companies would rig or manipulate the system to get a lot of reviews. It would be best to look for language in these testimonials that sounds like an actual human being wrote it.  

Don’t Make an Effort to Educate About CBD

CBD is still a new concept in the grand scheme of things, so most people still know about it besides its relation to cannabis. A legit company would have the goal of earning trust and repeat business. They’ll also want to let you know how much of an asset these products would be for your health and well-being.

They would be committed to transparency and educating their customers about CBD, so look for vendors with a blog or at least a landing page that directs you to educational resources. 

Difficult to Contact

Despite a detailed and informative website, it’s natural to have questions or concerns regarding CBD still. For this reason, CBD companies should be easily reachable. They should provide a contact number, email, or a chatbox on their website where you can voice your concerns and ensure that your questions are answered. It’s a major red flag if the seller you’ve chosen isn’t available to talk. 

Rather than a faceless pharmaceutical conglomerate, search for a seller with real people committed to providing the best support possible like Love CBD. 

Love CBD is a small family-run CBD shop that offers high-quality cannabis oil, establishing a leading brand for CBD capsules, balm, and sprays in the UK. Visit us at or contact us at [email protected].

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