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For further information about becoming a Love CBD wholesale partner, simply send a message to our helpful Wholesale Support Team.

Why partner with Love CBD?


All of our CBD and hemp products are batch tested by an independent and UKAS accredited facility. This is to ensure that our customers know precisely how many milligrams of CBD and other cannabinoids are in each bottle and spray. All of our lab results are published on our website and readily available to view. 


Our range of CBD products use only the highest quality ingredients and are carefully crafted by us within our own manufacturing facility. We currently have over 5000 reviews on Trustpilot for our products and customer service, with an average score of 4.9 out of 5.

CTA founder Member

Love CBD were integral to the establishment of the first and largest trade association of it's kind, The Cannabis Trades Association (CTA). Our Managing Director up until 2023 when he retired, was the longest standing Director of the CTA.

Regulatory approval

Our food supplements have received FSA approval and are included on their list of novel food approved CBD products. Our cosmetic products are named on the UK's cosmetic portal, and all our cosmetic products have product information files (PIF's), and stability data to support shelf life.

Understanding the Entourage Effect

Our range of products is built upon the concept of the “Entourage Effect”, whereby mixing CBD, terpenes and other cannabinoids enhances and magnifies their effects. Doing this, makes our CBD oils and CBD capsules more effective than the majority of other CBD products in the UK. This is why we named our flagship product “The Entourage Oil”, to highlight this important aspect of the cannabis plant.


The Love CBD wholesale offering does not require a minimum order quantity. We work with very small independent traders as well as larger businesses and like to support our CBD wholesale partners where possible.

Proving The Value of CBD

In 2014, very few people had heard of CBD or understood it’s value and potential. We believed that cannabinoids could have profound effects on the health of millions of people in this country and we based our company and our products on that belief.

Love CBD Wholesale

As well as offering direct CBD wholesale opportunities through Love CBD, we also supply the following Health Food Distributors, CLF, Suma, Modern Herbals and Hunts Foods.

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Here are a few commonly asked questions and answers about CBD oil wholesale. 

What is novel food?

Novel food is an EU directive that requires food products that have no history of consumption prior to 1997, to prove they are safe to consume. For cannabis products, it would seem obvious that there is prior historical use. However, the acceptable evidence that the EU commission will accept as a result of the legal status of cannabis, made it far more challenging.

Post Brexit, the FSA in the UK has been trying to implement its own version of novel foods. However, so far, other than significant cost to the industry, they have failed to take any meaningful steps to prevent the public from bad actors.


Provided that the total amount of controlled substances, including THC, is below 1mg, CBD is completely legal to consume and sell within the UK.

Read more more information on UK CBD law.

CBD flowers are considered the same as recreational cannabis flowers and are illegal to sell in the UK, irrespective of the THC content. Anyone selling or in possession of CBD flowers, faces the same risk of prosecution as someone selling recreational use cannabis.   

Our products are available to buy on a wholesale basis either directly though us, or via the following wholesalers:

Modern Herbals
Hunts Foods

You don’t not need a license to sell CBD oil in the UK.

However, as a bear minimum, you should ensure that any products you choose to sell have legal levels of THC, (check lab reports) and are included on the FSA’s list of novel food approved products. 

The main reason to buy CBD wholesale, is that you will receive better pricing than buying at retail prices.

Love CBD has been offering a wholesale CBD service since 2016. Our pricing is competitive, and we can tailor a CBD wholesale package that suits both small and large businesses.

We  work with a wide range of businesses, from health food stores, garages, pharmacy and even market traders.  

We can supply marketing materials for our CBD wholesale partners, including samples. There are restrictions in place with what you are allowed to say about CBD, and samples are a great way to enable potential customers to find out if CBD works for them.

As we manufacturer our own products, unlike most CBD wholesalers, we very rarely are out of stock. We can also turn around custom orders far quicker than most other CBD wholesale companies.