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Our CBD vape oils are available in two terpene varieties, uplifting Sativa terpenes and a relaxing Indica terpene profile.

10ml bottle of CBD vape liquid containing:
500mg of CBD Per Bottle
100mg of CBG Per Bottle
Cannabis Terpenes

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Product Description

CBD Vapes
Our CBD vapes are available in two varieties and are based on the two of the most common, and well known cannabis Genus’s ‘Sativa’ and ‘Indica’. The Sativa strain of cannabis is known to be uplifting and energising, whilst the Indica strains is more relaxing with the term ‘stoned’ often referring to the Indica dominant cannabis plants.

To make it clear, our Indica vape product will not make you stoned, but is intended to be relaxing. Our terpenes enhanced CBD/ CBG vapes are THC free and 100% legal in the UK.

The Love CBD vapes as well as containing 500mg of CBD, also include 100mg of CBG. CBG is is a lesser known non intoxicating cannabinoid which works in a similar way to CBD by binding and interacting with the same receptors in your body.

CBG is fully legal in the UK and is gaining in popularity despite the FSA regulations in the UK making it challenging. CBG has many of the same health benefits that CBD does, though further research is required to fully appreciate this cannabinoids full potential.

Cannabis Terpenes
In order to replicate the two different cannabis experiences, we have carefully created terpene profiles of two popular cannabis strains. This is what produces the familiar uplifting Sativa effect found in Sativa strains, and relaxing nature of Indica strains. By combining CBD, CBG and unique terpene profiles, we aim to maximise the potential of the Entourage Effect.

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Indica vs Sativa
Cannabis Indica strains are normally associated with recreational cannabis and high levels of THC. THC is responsible for the ‘stoned’ experience or if taken in too large a dose sometimes paranoia.   Indica plants are bushier and produce the immediately recognisable cannabis leaves.

Popular Indica dominant strains include various types of Kush strains including OG Kush, Grandaddy Purple, Northern Lights and cheese strains like Blue Cheese.  Indica strains of cannabis are generally more relaxing that Sativa strain though most strains due to cross breeding.

Sativa vs Indica
Sativa strains of cannabis produce a more uplifting, energetic and euphoric effect than Indica strains. Sativa plants are generally taller, less bushy and with thinner leaves than what Indica plants produce. EU and US approved Industrial hemp strains are all derived from Sativa plants, and any CBD oil sold in the UK that claims to be deriving its CBD extract from Indica or hybrid strains, is illegal.

CBD Vape oil benefits
As a health food brand, we have mixed feelings about vaping CBD. The reason why we continue to sell CBD e liquid, is because of their quick acting properties. CBD oils take time to work, and though the effect generally lasts longer, it is not immediate, which is the case when vaping CBD. We would suggest using CBD vapes as a complement to a CBD oil or CBD capsules routine.

Instructions for use
Our CBD e-liquids are stronger than most, so we recommend starting with just a few puffs and then waiting a few minutes to see how it affects you. CBD vaping effects come on quicker than oral CBD so you’ll know quite quickly, but just take it a little easy when you’re new to it and find your own preferred dose.

The Love CBD vapes are not intended to be used as an e liquid additive.

Our Indica and Sativa CBD vapes are not intended to be consumed orally.

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Looking for answers about CBD? then you’ve come to the right place. Our FAQ’s are designed to answer all your burning questions about CBD.

Do Love CBD offer free delivery?

The majority of UK orders will qualify for free delivery. The exception being for orders of a single box of tea costing £5.99, which unfortunately is not viable for us to deliver for free.

This is not a straightforward question as there are products in the UK (without naming brands) which claim to be very strong.  However, they are mis-selling and deliberately confusing customers into believing they are buying a high concentration product when it is not true.

The other consideration is the size of the bottle. Large bottles should contain more CBD, though the concentration is less and diluted.

Probably the most important factor is quality over quantity. CBD isolate product are able to sell stronger CBD products as they are a cheaper ingredient, and unlike full spectrum products which are constrained by THC levels in the raw materials they are not. 

However, that does not mean they will work better! A high quality cannabis extract with other cannabinoids, flavonoids and high concentrations of terpenes is probably going to be more effective than simply having a high dose of the compound CBD. 

It is also true that many of the so called broad spectrum CBD oils in order to achieve high levels of CBD add CBD isolate, because CBD isolate is as much as 5x cheaper an ingredient.

You get what you pay for! If it’s cheap, then chances are it’s CBD isolate or a low grade broad spectrum extract which is not much better than CBD isolate.

We have over 5000 customer reviews on Trustpilot, with an average rating of 4.9/5. If our products didn’t work, our customers would have let us know!

To understand what the benefits of CBD in the body are, it is important to have at least a basic knowledge of the endo-cannabinoid system.

The endo-cannabinoid system is a series of receptors found within mammals which influences various physiological functions and processes within your brain, central nervous system etc.

Phyto cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant and other sources are thought to stimulate these receptors in different and complex ways. 

Although science acknowledges the significance of the endocannabinoid system, there is a lot more research needed to better understand it’s importance in maintaining our health and wellness. If you would like to learn more about the endo cannabinoid system, we have a few blogs going into greater depth available to read.

There is no one size fits all rule when determining the best delivery method for CBD as it depends upon your requirements and preferences.

Vapes are generally considered the quickest method of absorbing CBD, However, there are other health considerations to consider.

CBD topicals like our patches or the Love CBD balm are ideal if you are looking to target a particular area, as they are applied directly on the skin. The balm can be applied a frequently as required and the patches only once per day. 

CBD oils are the most common method of consuming CBD. We changed our droppers to sprays in 2019, because droppers are rubbish. CBD sprays are far more convenient, shouldn’t leak, are less fiddly and are easier to dose correctly.

CBD capsules being another popular choice as they are tasteless, easy to dose and convenient and offer a slower release option due to how they are absorbed.

There is no right amount of CBD. Everyone is different, and your CBD journey will be a unique a personal experience.  Factors that affect your dosage include whether you have consumed cannabinoids before, what you would like CBD to do for you, and your body weight. 

Love CBD products have undergone toxicity studies which have shown our products are safe at recommended dosage levels.

CBD is fat soluble and is best taken with a meal or food that contains some fat. It is better to consume our capsules with milk than water as is often the recommended approach.  

It is fine to take CBD at bedtime, CBD at bedtime often forms an integral part of a CBD routine. Bear in mind if you are taking capsules at night, you will want to take 1-2 hours before going to bed. CBD oil should be taken 1 hour before bed. 

If you have a hard time getting to sleep, you might want to try our hemp tea which contains chamomile ad is proven to help get a good night sleep.