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Love CBD oils are made from both broad and full spectrum CBD extracts and contain a full range of beneficial compounds including other minor cannabinoids, flavonoids and cannabis terpenes.
Our CBD oils are both uniquely formulated, and as a result of our well established industry partnerships, our cannabis extracts are exclusive to Love CBD.
With nearly 10 years of industry experience, custom formulations and inhouse manufacturing, we are able to delivers a truly unique and unrivalled CBD oil experience.
Our broad and full spectrum CBD oil all come with an easy to dose, and convenient spray system.
Before 2017, we used droppers. However, they leaked, were incovenient, and were impossible to get an accurate CBD dose, so we changed all of our products to CBD oil sprays.
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Entourage Oil - Premium CBD Range

The Entourage Oils are our highest strength CBD oil range. Intended for individuals seeking a higher dose CBD oil spray.

Uniquely formulated, and containing a full-spectrum CBD extract rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial cannabis plant compounds.

Our Entourage Oils are carefully crafted with additional terpenes, and have been our best-selling CBD oil range since 2015.

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Dutch Oil - Ideal for CBD Newbies

Our Dutch Range has been created to deliver high-quality, broad spectrum CBD oil at the best possible value.

The Dutch CBD oil sprays are ideal for new CBD users, or individuals looking for a low to medium dose product.

All of our CBD oils come in a convenient and easy-to-dose CBD spray format, the Dutch CBD Oil Range is no exception.

Gold Oil - THC free & Natural Flavour

The Gold CBD Oil Range is our THC free, and naturally flavoured range of broad spectrum CBD oils.

Made with coconut sourced MCT oil, to increase absorption of the cannabinoids, without affecting the natural cannabis terpenes flavour. 

Keeping our products simple is a core principle of Love CBD, and our Gold Oils contain only two high quality ingredients. 


Here are some common questions and answers about CBD oil.

How much CBD oil should a beginner start with?

It is important when you should start your CBD journey to go at a pace which suits you and your body. 

Therefore, start on a low dose and slowly increase, you can always up the oil strength at a later date. Learn more by reading our CBD oil dosage guidance article.

CBD oil is a food supplement and the most common method used to consume cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD oils are made using an extract from the cannabis (hemp) plant. A carrier oil is added, in order to reduce the thickness of the extract, so that it can be consumed using either a dropper or CBD spray method. 

There are different types of CBD oils available to buy. However, broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD oils in our opinion are of of a higher quality, and will likely produce more user benefits.

CBD oils made from CBD isolate are often cheaper, due to the significantly lower cost of the primary ingredient. CBD isolate costs the manufacturer about 5x times less to buy than a full or broad spectrum CBD extract.

Unlike full spectrum CBD oils, CBD isolate based oils are generic with the only difference often being the label, flavour and marketing.

People report using CBD oil for anxiety, to improve their quality of sleep etc. However, despite the anecdotal evidence, CBD products are sold as a food supplement and cannot make any kind of unproven health claims about the benefits of CBD oil.

CBD (Cannabidiol) oil, has become increasingly popular and almost mainstream since Love CBD began manufacturing CBD products in 2014.

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and is a non-psychoactive compound that can provide health and well-being benefits without the “high” that is produced by arguably the most well know cannabinoid, THC.

While research on CBD is still in its infancy, there is anecdotal evidence that suggest and supports the potential benefits of incorporating CBD oil into your wellness routines

Promoting relaxation
CBD is often used as a means of promoting relaxation and reducing the stresses of our sometimes-chaotic lifestyles. Some users of CBD report feeling a sense of calm and improved mood after using CBD, especially if used in conjunction with relaxation techniques like meditation and a healthy balanced diet.

Sleep Support:
Getting a good night sleep is crucial for your overall health and well-being.
Disruptions in your sleep pattern can have significant impacts on an
individual’s mental and physical health. CBD oil may help improve sleep quality by promoting a sense of relaxation and routine at bedtime. We would also recommend trying our Love CBD Hemp Tea which contains chamomile and is a great bedtime drink.

Skin Care:
CBD is getting more and more popular as an ingredient within the cosmetic industry. There are many products which are only incorporating CBD as a means of jumping on the latest fad. However, CBD has a number of useful cosmetic functions.

A very interesting use case being its anti-sebum properties which may have benefits for individuals that have problematic skin conditions like acne. CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties which may contribute towards healthier and improved skin tone.

Joint and Muscle Support:
CBD oil is commonly used by athletes and individuals with active lifestyles.  A popular application is before or after high intensity activity, as it may help with recovering more quickly.

Topical CBD products like our CBD balm are also popular as a massage aid when applied to tied or achy muscles.

CBD may have a positive effect on our mood, emotional well-being and promote a balanced state of mind. It is however important to remember, that CBD is not a replacement for professional mental health care and anyone with significant mood relating concerns should speak to a qualified professional.

Cognitive Well-Being:
Cognitive health, which includes memory, focus and mental clarity are vital for our overall health and well-being. It is thought that the interaction between CBD and our endocannabinoid system may contribute towards this.

As people take greater control and personal responsibility
for their health, both physical and mental, incorporating CBD oil and other
alternative health options is getting more and more popular.

Younger generations are growing less satisfied by conventional medicine and seeking lifestyle changes that they believe will keep them to remain healthier for longer and avoid the need for pharmaceutical drugs.

While many users report positive experiences across various aspects of well-being, Incorporating CBD into your wellness routine is a personal journey that is unique and for some very rewarding and worthwhile. 

We have literally thousands of reviews on Trust Pilot, were user of Love CBD products showcase their personal experiences with this remarkable cannabinoid.

Learn more by reading our blog on CBD oil benefits.

CBD Oil is perfectly legal to buy and consume as long as it meets certain criteria around the THC content.  You should check the THC and other controlled substance levels of the product before you purchase it. 

Legal and responsible CBD companies like Love CBD publish independent lab reports showing exactly how much THC, if any, is in their products. If CBD companies don’t publish independent lab reports, then it’s best to ask for them or look elsewhere.

Yes, you can. Please contact our support team to request this. Please also include your order number in the email.

Although bear in mind that the droppers can be messy and can even leak sometimes (which is why we switched to sprays).

We advise consulting with your doctor before trying CBD to ensure that you are safe to do so.

There is no evidence that CBD is addictive. But as with all things, chocolate, sex, or work, we advise moderation in all things!

This very much depends on how much CBD you consume and in what format. Generally, CBD stays in our system for around 1 to 5 days, though this depends on how you consume your CBD, albeit as an oil, capsule or CBD patch.

Apart from vaping, spraying CBD oil under the tongue is the quickest way to get CBD into the body and this absorption is achieved through a sublingual process. This is why keeping the CBD oil in your mouth for a period of time is important to get the most out of your CBD oil.

If you consume no more than the recommended maximum dosage of a CBD product that has legal levels (UK) of controlled substances, there is no reason why you would test positive in a drugs test. 

However, there are full spectrum products which are not legal being sold in the UK, many of which state that they have below 0.2% THC. The 0.2% THC rule only applies to farmers growing hemp and not finished CBD products.

As with all due diligence, it is important to read the batch specific lab report which should be less than 12 months old and from a UKAS accredited lab like Eurofins.