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CBD Capsules are better than CBD Gummies, and here is why…

CBD gummies are a popular and convenient way to consume CBD. However, they are often full of unhealthy ingredients, can be manufactured in a way that does not produce a product that offers consistent dosing, and generally contain CBD isolate, a far cheaper ingredient (as much as 5x times cheaper) than a broad or full spectrum cannabis extract.  

On the other hand, CBD capsules as a result of not needing to be flavour based, do not need to include ingredients which only purpose is to improve the flavour. CBD capsule manufacturers can focus on producing CBD products that are solely intended to support good health and wellness. 

How CBD Gummies are made

The best way to make CBD gummies involves adding CBD to a flavoured gummy mixture, before being moulded into shapes and left to cool. Unfortunately, another common and cheaper method for creating CBD gummies, is by spraying pre bought sweets with a CBD isolate solution. This often results in products with inconsistent amounts of CBD, as this process can be haphazard at best. Irregular dosed CBD products are a problem because to get the best out of CBD, a consistent dosage routine is essential.

How Love CBD capsules are made

Each vegan friendly capsule is individually filled with a unique full spectrum cannabis extract and organic coconut oil formulation. This enables Love CBD capsules to deliver a precise dose of CBD, and other beneficial cannabis compounds within each capsule.

CBD gummy ingredients

This is where gummies really fall short. The majority of CBD gummies in the UK unfortunately contain large quantities of sugar, glucose syrup, artificial chemicals and are no better than sweets. CBD products are intended to improve health and wellness, and it is hard to see that any product containing these ingredients, could be considered healthy. 

Love CBD capsules ingredients

Unlike CBD gummies, the Love CBD capsules contain only a handful of natural, plant-based ingredients.  A high-quality cannabis extract, organic extra virgin coconut oil, terpenes and gum arabic, in a vegetable based, vegan friendly capsule shell.

Made with CBD isolate

CBD gummies generally contain CBD isolate. CBD isolate will always be inferior to both broad spectrum and full spectrum extracts, which is not surprising given that CBD isolate is a much cheaper ingredient than full or broad-spectrum extracts.

Made with full spectrum cannabis extract

Love CBD capsules contain a full spectrum cannabis extract with a wide range of cannabis compounds, including cannabinoids like CBD, terpenes and flavonoids. Although CBD has many health benefits, the cannabis plant contains many cannabinoids and compounds which have their own health properties. Additionally, these compounds work together to produce the scientifically termed ‘Entourage Effect’. This term describes how these compounds work together to produce an effect that is greater than the sum of its part. Only broad or full spectrum CBD products are able to produce this effect, because they are far more complex, and contain hundreds of compounds.


As with any type of product, some are better than others. There are also undoubtedly some poor-quality CBD capsules available to buy in the UK, some of which contain CBD isolate.  However, it is not hard to look at the ingredients on a pack of gummies and quickly decide that a product potentially full of sugar, sweeteners and other unhealthy chemical ingredients are unlikely to provide the claimed wellness benefits.  

If you are new to CBD or are currently taking CBD gummies, we would recommend trying CBD capsules as a healthier and equally convenient alternative. Additionally, parents need not be as concerned that they are going to look appetising to their children.

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CBD Capsules are better than CBD Gummies, and here is why... 3

More about Love CBD

Love CBD has been manufacturing high quality CBD products since 2014 and currently has over 5000 Trustpilot reviews with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. 

Love CBD are so confident in the quality of their products, that they offer a low-cost sample pack for anyone interested in trying them. The sample pack includes their popular Entourage Capsules, Dutch Oil, CBD balm and Hemp tea, all for £5.00 including delivery.