cbd capsules guide

CBD Capsules Guide

CBD Capsules Guide

CBD Capsules guide

CBD capsules are a popular way to consume your daily dose of CBD for a number of reasons.  Here is a easy to understand CBD capsules guide which we hope you will find useful.

CBD capsules are a more convenient and discreet way to add CBD, and in some cases other cannabinoids and beneficial cannabis plant compounds into your daily health and wellness routines.

The Advantages of CBD Capsules

CBD capsule shells are either two pieces and have the filling put into the capsule or gel capsules where CBD is added when the capsule is formed. Two-piece capsules have an intrinsic advantage in that there is more scope to vary the capsule’s content, though the manufacturing process is not as easily scalable.

One of the big advantages of CBD capsules, as opposed to the more commonly consumed CBD oil products, is the ease of dosing. Getting accurate dosing is really important with CBD products, and having a fiddly dropper with no markings is not helpful.

CBD capsules are also great for individuals looking for a taste-free alternative to CBD oil, which can sometimes be an acquired taste or sometimes downright unpleasant.

A criticism which is commonly aired about CBD capsules is that they have a lower absorption rate. Although this may be true, adding additional ingredients like coconut oil (Love CBD capsules all do) improves absorption.

Cannabinoids are fat soluble and incorporating fats in conjunction with CBD use is definitely recommended. Milk chocolate is my favourite.

Vegan Capsules

Some CBD capsules are vegan-friendly and made with vegetable cellulose, however many of the gel capsules are made from bovine and as such are unsuitable for a vegan diet. Love CBD capsules are vegan-friendly, like our popular Dutch CBD Range below, which is we recommend to first time users of CBD.

Types of Love CBD Capsules

There are various types of CBD capsules available to buy, and though the marketing of these can sometimes be unclear, deliberately in some cases, we hope that this article will help you to decide when making a purchase.

Full-spectrum CBD capsules contain a full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other beneficial compounds that are found in the hemp plant. This is the principle behind the “Entourage Effect” which has been the basis for the Love CBD Entourage Capsules.

It is worth noting that UK regulations on controlled substances are strict, and full-spectrum CBD capsules in some cases may not comply.  All of Love CBD products are lab-tested to guarantee legal compliance and the reports are visible on our website.

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Broad-spectrum CBD capsules also contain a range of beneficial cannabis compounds, though they have been through a THC removal process. Low strength broad spectrum CBD capsules will have non-detectable levels of THC and CBN and are ideal for individuals who undergo routine drugs test.

However, THC may be detected with stronger CBD capsule products and be found on reputable lab reports.

Good quality broad-spectrum CBD oils and capsules should present a range of cannabinoids on a lab report, and broad-spectrum products which do not may be no better than a CBD isolate-based product.

CBD isolate-based capsules contain pure CBD without other cannabinoids or beneficial compounds from the hemp plant. CBD isolate is a much cheaper ingredient than full and broad-spectrum extracts as it is mass produced.

Unlike full or broad-spectrum extracts, which are inherently different from each other depending upon the variety of plants used, CBD isolate products are generic, with the only difference being any additional ingredients.

CBD isolate also costs about 5x cheaper for a manufacturer to buy than a broad or full spectrum extract, and this CBD capsules guide would be doing a disservice to anyone reading this article and not point this out.

Manufacturing with CBD isolate is easier and is able to incorporate a flavouring better as the isolate imparts very little of its own flavour.

It is fair to say that my opinion of CBD isolate products is very low, and I would never personally use them. Comparing a full/ broad spectrum product to an isolate product is also not a direct comparison in many ways; as cannabis extracts are complex and contain many compounds, CBD isolate does not.

Stay Clear of CBD Isolate and false claims

CBD isolate products are commodities and mass-produced and the only reason to buy isolate-based CBD capsules is that they are often cheaper. Whilst Love CBD capsule may be slightly more expensive, than some other brands, we only use high-quality ingredients which is reflected in the price.

As discussed in this CBD capsules guide, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD capsules contain many more beneficial compounds and are generally recommended over an isolate-type CBD capsule product. However, not all extracts are created equal and some brands claim to be selling full spectrum products when the lab reports don’t reflect this claim.

The same can be said for broad-spectrum CBD capsules which contain no other compounds. Lab reports are key and should ideally be less than 12 months old. Not all sellers in this space are completely honest and it is well worth doing some research before buying.

We hope that you found this CBD capsules guide useful. If you are interested to learn more about other CBD related topics, please read some of our other blog articles.