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CBD Bundles

Love CBD offers two great value CBD bundles. Our CBD samples pack which only costs £5 including delivery and our CBD starter kit which is priced at £24.99.
The sample pack and starter bundle are great for both new CBD users, and individuals that are new to Love CBD and that want high quality, cannabinoid rich CBD products, at a reasonable prices.


Love CBD Sample Pack

Our sample pack is designed for anyone interested in trying CBD products for the first time, or more experienced CBD users who would like to compare Love CBD products with their regular CBD brand. 

Included within the pack is 2.5ml of our Dutch 500mg Oil, a small pot of our 10mg Entourage Capsules, a small amount of our CBD balm and some tasty hemp tea. 

£5 including P&P.

Love CBD Starter bundle

Our CBD starter bundle is ideal for new CBD users or as a gift. 

Containing a small jar of our Dutch capsules, a 10g balm and a box of our delicious hemp tea.  

Our starter kit a great entry point to CBD and offers a saving on the three products bought individually. 


Here is some advice for CBD beginners, we hope that you find it helpful.

How do you use CBD for beginners?

We would always recommend anyone new to CBD to begin with a low strength product and the minimum dose. With CBD oil, that would mean a single spray for the first few days and gradually increasing the number of sprays till you find the dose that is right for you. 

For more info please see our guide to taking CBD oil blog.

You have to start somewhere and as a beginner, our starter pack or sample kit are a great entry point and low cost way to decide if CBD is right for you. Please bear in mind that CBD is a not a one size fits all product and the benefits for some individuals may take longer to realise. 

We would suggest beginning your CBD journey with a single use per day routine, and increasing the dose till you find a level that works for you.

It is always best to start on a low strength product and increase the strength if you need a stronger CBD oil.  Using to strong a product to begin with in some cases can produce minor side effects, though these are generally mild and do not last long. Starting on low strength product is a good way to test your tolerance to Cannabinoids. 

Everyone is different and depending upon your CBD dose, the effects can be very different. However, most users find CBD to be relaxing and produces a general sense of well being.