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Blue Light Card Discounts

Love CBD – 25% Blue Light Card Discount

We all rely on the NHS, and when our loved ones are unwell, the hard working Men and Women of the NHS are there to take care of them. 

Despite the tireless efforts of our Emergency Services, Doctors, Nurses and other healthcare professionals, NHS workers can be among the most underpaid staff in the UK.

This is why Love CBD has partnered with the Blue Light Card, and why we offer such substantial discounts on our range of CBD and hemp products. 

When you have a stressful and often challenging work environment, being able to look after your physical and mental heath is essential. 

CBD and hemp products are not only healthy, but are being widely used as a means of promoting wellness and relaxation. Instead of pouring that glass of wine of an evening, why not try CBD oil instead!

blue light card discounts

What is a Blue Light Card

The Blue Light Card Scheme work with UK businesses to provide discounts to public sector workers. 

Workers in the NHS including, Nurses, Doctors, Paramedics, Social Carers and individuals in the Armed Forces, are all eligible to join Blue Light Card.

Love CBD are proud to support the scheme and have been actively participating since 2020. We offer 25% discount on our entire product range.

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what is blue light card

Where can you use Blue Light Card

The Blue Light Card is accepted in a wide range of high street and online retailers. 

Blue Light Card discounts are available from a wide range of stores, supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas and here at Love CBD.


Here are a few commonly asked questions and answers about the Blue Light Card scheme. 

How much does an NHS Blue Light Card cost?

There is a registration fee of £4.99 to join the scheme. However, if you register as a social carer category worker, it may be free. This is true at the time of writing this, though is  subject to change,

For a very low registration fee, it enables members to receive generous discounts in a wide range of retailers and restaurants. Not all companies are as generous as Love CBD, but every little helps.

Three friends or family members can be added to the card and benefit from active Blue Light Card discounts.

If It is definitely worth joining the scheme and the discounts from Love CBD could easily cover the very low joining fee of £4.99.

NHS Workers including Nurses, Doctors, Paramedics, Porters, Social workers and individuals within the UK Armed Forces are eligible to join Blue Light Card. 

blue light card discount